Más de uno, programme of the radio station Onda Cero, interviews Miguel Vega, General Coordinator of the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project

The programme Más de uno is the news, current affairs and opinion programme of the morning session of Onda Cero, one of Spain’s leading national radio stations. In the programme broadcast on 28 March 2024, Irene Calderón talks about “How do cities adapt to climate change?”, conducting a brief telephone interview with Miguel Vega, General … Read more

Oral presentation “the thermal behaviour of green roofs incorporated in the rehabilitated buildings of the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project” at the CITE 2024 congress

From 13 to 15 March 2024, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) organised the IX International Congress on Technological Innovation in Building (CITE2024), held at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Edificación (UPM). Arturo Martínez was in charge of presenting the study “the thermal behaviour of green roofs incorporated in the rehabilitated buildings of the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN … Read more

LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN is positioned as a reference project on Nature-Based Solutions in Spain, according to the Observatory of NBS of the CONAMA Foundation

The Nature-Based Solutions Working Group (GT-SbN) is a multidisciplinary group of professionals interested in deepening the application of the Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) approach in their daily work, as well as in identifying projects and strategies that use NBS to re-naturalise the city throughout the country and disseminate them with the intention that this vision of … Read more

The Climate-ADAPT platform publishes a case study on the Nature-Based Solutions implemented by LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN at Gabriela Mistral primary school

The European Climate Adaptation Platform Climate-ADAPT aims to support Europe in adapting to climate change helping users to access and share data and information on different formats, such as publishing adaptation case studies and potential adaptation options. One of the case studies published by the platform is Nature-Based Solutions in schools: a green way to … Read more

The Portuguese version of the online course “Nature-based solutions: the case of LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN” is now available

We inform about the recent publication of the Portuguese version of the online training “Nature-based solutions: the case of LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN”, part of the sub-action E2.2 of the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project. This training, which will be open to all audiences and has an estimated duration of about 4 hours, is available at THIS LINK. We remain at … Read more

The last visit of the LIFE external monitor serves as the official closure of the LIFE-myBUIDLINGisGREEN project

On 29th and 30th November, the last meeting of the consortium of the project “LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN” for the implementation of Nature-Based Solutions in public education buildings took place. On the afternoon of the 29th, a visit was made to the Falcão EB1 School, the pilot building intervened in the city of Porto in the framework of … Read more

The last demonstration workshops in LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN pilot buildings take place in Évora (Portugal)

The Intermunicipal Community of Central Alentejo (CIMAC) held two demonstration workshops in the Horta das Figueiras school (Évora) for policy makers, municipal technicians, managers and members of the school community on 23 November 2023. These workshops are part of the transferability action C5 of the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project. A total of 48 people participated in the … Read more

The Câmara Municipal do Porto and the Royal Botanical Garden study how the NBS of the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project affect the local biodiversity of the Falcão school.

In 2023, technicians from the Câmara Municipal do Porto have been supported by the Royal Botanical Garden (RJB-CSIC) to carry out several biodiversity sampling events in the facilities of the Falcão school, an educational centre in the city of Porto that hosts part of the Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) designed and implemented by the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project. … Read more