With the implementation of this project, the following results are expected to be achieved:

  • Climate adaptation in 3 pilot buildings (2 schools and 1 social services center) through the implementation of prototypes of Nature-Based Solutions.
  • Improvement of the well-being and thermal comfort of 1,000 citizens.
  • Preparation of 4 Reference Reports and 7 good practice manuals on the application of NBS in schools and social services in the 4 areas of EU climate risk. Evaluation of 20 indicators/construction.
  • For the whole project: 27 Tn of CO2 / year and 144 kg of NOx / year (reduction of 20% and 7% respectively) will be reduced. 2,700 m3 of rain will be collected, representing 30% of each building.
  • For each building: 50% of irrigation water consumption will be reduced (assumes 4.5 m3 /year). An increase of 0.5 ha of sustainable green areas in each building. 50% reduction in energy costs for cooling and 10% for heating. This equates to 1000 euros / building.
  • Signature of 15 government agreements and 10 inter-municipal programmes. Integration of NBS into 10 regulations, action plans and environmental programs.

Execution of 16 follow-up meetings with experts, 28 demonstration workshops, 8 expert workshops, 2 online seminars and 3 transnational conferences