CARTIF Foundation is a leading applied research center in Spain in terms of research and development and technology transfer. CARTIF’s main objective is to identify technological needs and develop R&D based knowledge, to support technological development, innovation in industry, mainly among SMEs and to disseminate R&D and innovation outcomes. In 2016, CARTIF carried out more than 124 R&D&I projects, with a turnover of approximately 7.41 million euros.

CARTIF consists of 113 people, mainly engineers, scientists and senior researchers distributed in 5 technical divisions, including agri-food and sustainable processes. CARTIF’s experience in the LIFE program is quite relevant, as it has been participating in this

Program since 2005 and has been coordinator on 12 occasions. During 2012, 7 LIFE proposals were successfully granted and in 6 of them as coordinator. In 2013, he was given 3 proposals (one as coordinator), in 2014 with 2 proposals (one as coordinator), in 2015 (1 proposal as coordinator) and in 2016 (4 proposals, 3 as ALGAECAN, ALCHEMIA and Gystra coordinator). This makes a total of 14 LIFE projects underway at this center.

In addition, CARTIF actively participates in several national and international networks and platforms such as the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP), Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B), Factories of the Future (EFFRA), European Research Alliance (EERA), Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BIC), International Scientific Thematic Network for Environmental Technology (ENVITECH), International Water Association (IWA), EuRobotics AISBL, EIP on Water, EIP.