The impacts of climate change are affecting and affecting all cities and towns in Europe but with regional and local differences.

Climate change puts pressure on our “hard” infrastructures, such as public education and social services buildings, but also on “soft” ones, such as our health systems. Europe’s education and social services buildings will face many challenges in the coming decades, and climate change will increase pressure on them.

The cities and towns of Southern Europe absorb virtually all public education buildings and social care services. The vast majority of these buildings have been built more than 30 years ago of construction with materials and enclosures that do not provide energy efficiency or climate adaptation performance.

The vulnerability to climate change of these buildings, located in regions and municipalities of Spain and Portugal, is a consequence of the frequent Heat Waves during the months of May to October, the constructive characteristics and typology of the buildings, the increase in the concentration of CO2 and radon gas and the change in annual precipitation patterns. This situation is causing an increase in temperatures inside buildings that cause health problems for the people of southern Europe and a decrease in environmental quality and comfort inside buildings.

LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN aims to increase the climate resilience of education buildings and social care services by implementing Nature-Based Solutions as prototypes of climate adaptation and improvement of the well-being of real estate.


Nature-Based Solutions as climate change adaptation measures are taking particular relevance, it is important to generate knowledge and evidence on the effectiveness of NBS as adaptation measures to Climate Change, maximizing environmental, social and economic co-benefits. Thus, the effectiveness analysis of NBS in the project will contribute to the definition of standards and/or criteria for designing them in pilot buildings.