DIPBA, Diputación de Badajoz

DIPBA, Badajoz Provincial Council, is a provincial administration that has among its competences, the promotion of the socio-economic development of the 165 municipalities of the province of Badajoz, the provision of supramunicipial public services and technical assistance to them.

The Area of Sustainable Development of the Badajoz Provincial Council is responsible for Developing Plans, Programs and Actions on Sustainability and Circular Economy in the province of Badajoz, in order to conserve the natural resources of the provincial territory and reduce the ecological footprint of the activities of the Pacense municipalities.

Energy efficiency, the promotion of efficient urban green areas, the protection of natural resources, and the improvement of urban environments, the commitment to the development of sustainable agro-livestock and environmental training and education are some of its objectives.

The Sustainable Development Area works to:

  • Develop a green and circular economy and fight climate change in Badajoz province.
  • Improve the optimization and efficiency of municipal energy facilities, and the energy management and accounting of the Town Halls.
  • Promote the culture of sustainable development and the improvement of the management of the urban environment, and in particular its green areas.

Establish a stable training program in sustainability and environmental education in Badajoz province.