MP, Cámara Municipal do Porto

The Municipality of Porto is a local public authority that has competences in several areas, such as management and licensing of activities related to construction, urban regeneration, road traffic, consumer water, public and cultural spaces, leisure, tourism, education, international relations, etc. For the exercise of its jurisdiction and the execution of its tasks the municipality has about 2799 employees distributed by 8 municipal addresses, 17 departments, 54 divisions and 4 offices.

The Municipality of Porto designed a medium and long-term strategy for the environment, which seeks to correspond to the most pressing challenges of the 3 pillars of sustainability (environmental, economic and social). This strategy is based on 5 fundamental structuring axes, which correspond to a dynamic plan with objectives and measures, naturally subject to continuous improvement and updating.

Porto wants to be prepared to combat and adapt to climate change, thus complementing the commitments already made to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% (between 2004 and 2020), currently developing a strategic document for this purpose, integrated into the ClimAdaPT project (more in ).

The municipality of Porto aims to become a living laboratory at the service of an entire research and innovation ecosystem that allows the city to “use” to create sustainable products that solve real problems and that translate into an increase in the quality of life by aiming for the replicability for solutions to other cities to emerge from Porto.