The school community invited to discover the “green solutions” of Falcão Elementary School

Last week, Falcão Elementary School hosted the first in a series of interpretive visits to Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) installed as part of the school’s redevelopment and expansion interventions, which stand out for their innovation and sustainability. The initiative is aimed at the educational community and local residents.

Participants, including 29 teachers and 8 non-teaching staff members from Falcão Elementary School and Cerco Basic and Secondary School, along with the Director of the Cerco School Cluster, had the opportunity to explore and understand NBS, recognizing their characteristics, functions, and advantages.

Among the solutions are green roofs and photovoltaic panels used to provide thermal and acoustic comfort, control rainwater drainage, waterproof buildings, and enhance energy efficiency. The connection of rainwater to a nearby pond near the community garden preserves and protects local biodiversity. A green facade was installed to shade the classrooms.

mBiGSECAR green roof and mBiGFAC green façade installed at Falçao school © Câmara Municipal do Porto

The investment was financed by the LIFE program under the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project, with the aim of improving the quality of life for those who work and study at Falcão Elementary School, promoting an environment conducive to teaching and learning, civic education, and well-being.

These interventions also contribute to climate change adaptation by making the building more resilient to extreme weather conditions.

The group was also informed about the opportunity for solutions like these to serve as a living laboratory for complementary learning experiences to those conducted in the classroom, in coordination with essential learning and program content.

The Municipal Environmental Management Division team collaborated with a technician from AdePorto – Porto Energy Agency, who provided explanations about the photovoltaic panels. Until September 30th, other visits are scheduled for students, parents, and local residents.

Read the original news on the website of the Municipality of Porto.

mBiGBioSol green roof installed at Falçao school © Câmara Municipal do Porto

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