The LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN European project exchanges experiences in Athens with cities implementing Nature-Based Solutions

September 20, 2022

The LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN (LIFE-mBiG) project participates in the 9th European Urban Resilience Forum presenting its first intervention of climate adaptation in a primary school in the province of Badajoz (Spain)

The LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN European project has been invited to share its first experience with the implementation of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) carried out in Spain, in the Gabriela Mistral public school, in Solana de los Barros (Badajoz) during the 9th European Urban Resilience Forum (EURESFO 2022) hosted in Athens (Greece) on September 14-15, 2022.

During the “Utilising NBS for an equitable transition towards urban resilience” workshop, the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project coordinator, Miguel Vega, summarized the participatory processes organized by the project in the Gabriela Mistral school to select the best NBS to implement in its playground area, meeting the needs exposed by the educational community in order to achieve a relevant improvement of wellbeing in the users of this space.

Miguel Vega sharing the project experience during the workshop on urban resilience. Photo by © LIFE Programme

Experience exchange with other European cities

During this event, the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project, which takes place in Spain and Portugal, has known how other European cities from Croatia, France and Greece are implementing Nature-Based Solutions. Some Spanish cities also shared their experiences, such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and San Sebastian. The project foresees creating some kind of collaboration with these cities in short to medium term.

Likewise, the actions of this project will be integrated into the LIFE 30-anniversary portal that includes a map with all the initiatives co-funded by this Programme.

The LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project is coordinated by the Royal Botanical Garden (RJB-CSIC) of Madrid, with the participation of the Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science (IETcc-CSIC), CARTIF (Valladolid), the Intermunicipal Community of Central Alentejo (CIMAC), the Municipality of Porto and the Diputación of Badajoz. The project aims to increase the resilience of educational and social schools to climate change by implementing Nature-Based Solutions as prototypes for climate adaptation.

All updates on the project can be found on the Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

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