Second sampling event for the monitoring of biodiversity associated with the Nature-Based Solutions of the Gabriela Mistral school

Biodiversity sampling continues in the pilot buildings of the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project. On this occasion, colleagues from the Royal Botanical Garden (RJB-CSIC), the coordinating entity of this European project, have travelled to Solana de los Barros (Badajoz, Spain) to carry out the second biodiversity sampling in the Gabriela Mistral Primary School.

Miguel Vega (RJB-CSIC) placing a fall trap in a green roof © Emilia Espinosa (Gabriela Mistral school)

During the morning of June 27, RJB-CSIC staff, supported by staff from the school itself, set up dropping traps to collect arthropods over a period of 48 hours and also carried out a collection of plant specimens associated with the Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) implemented within the framework of the LIFE project. The collections were taken at various stations or sampling points representing the 4 main intervention zones of the NBS: roofs, façades, tree surrounds and pavements.

Emilia Espinosa (Gabriela Mistral school) placing a fall trap in a green roof © Miguel Vega (RJB-CSIC)

The results of this sampling will be compared with previous sampling and with the baseline previously established for this pilot building. The aim is to demonstrate how local biodiversity is enhanced by the use of NBS.

In addition, after the execution of the next biodiversity sampling, an adapted protocol will be developed for the 3 pilot buildings of the project, so that the students of these schools will continue to carry out biodiversity sampling after the end of the project implementation period. The data obtained in these samplings will be processed by experts from the RJB-CSIC to know the biodiversity associated with the NBS implemented in the long term.

Samples taken at one of the drop traps © Emilia Espinosa (Gabriela Mistral school)

On the other hand, during this second biodiversity sampling, the project has counted with the participation of BeGreen experts, who have collected plant samples of the implemented NBS to elaborate a series of educational activities that will be used in this and other educational centres in the region. The activities generated by BeGreen will be available in the deliverable “NBS Manual on Climate Adaptation Solutions in Buildings”. This deliverable will consist of a manual of educational activities on the benefits of NBS and the adaptation of buildings to climate change, framed in the C6 action of the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project.

Gloria Lorenzo (BeGreen) taking samples in one of the green roofs © Miguel Vega (RJB-CSIC)

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