LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN interventions at Gabriela Mistral school are shown to EU Missions

On 13 March 2024, the webinar “Adapting now: from planning to action” took place in the framework of the Community of Practice of the five EU missions to address the grand challenges in health, climate and environment, and to achieve ambitious and inspiring goals in these areas.

The event is part of the Mission Implementation Platform (MIP4Adapt) for the fulfilment of the mission “Adaptation to Climate Change“, which focuses on solutions and preparedness for the impact of climate change to protect lives and assets. It includes behavioural changes and social aspects by addressing new communities beyond the usual stakeholders, which helps to lead to social transformation.

The webinar showcased success stories from regions and local authorities on how to implement adaptation measures, and lead other authorities to implement more ambitious and transformative actions. Among the success stories, Miguel Ángel Antón (Diputación de Badajoz) shared the evolution and results of the interventions carried out by the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project in the Gabriela Mistral school, which is the Spanish pilot building located in Solana de los Barros (Badajoz, Extremadura).

Miguel Ángel Antón during his speech © MIP4Adapt

Miguel Ángel shared valuable information about the methodology for the selection of the pilot building, the sources of funding used, the monitoring plan implemented to evaluate the impact of the Nature-Based Solutions tested, the organisation of participatory processes and the cost-benefit analysis of the project.

Below is the full recording of this event, available on the MIP4Adapt YouTube channel.

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