Conference: Optimised urban materials for more liveable and sustainable cities

May 10, 2023

On May 10th, the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences (IETcc-CSIC) organised a conference on “optimised urban materials for more liveable and sustainable cities” in the Aula Torroja of the institute.

During this conference, a debate was held on the impact of urban materials on the sustainability and habitability of cities, with special emphasis on the capacity of exterior finishing materials to manage solar radiation and its influence on urban areas and their inhabitants. In addition, relevant topics on the use of innovative materials in urban design were presented, such as the experience of the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project in which the IETcc-CSIC participates as one of the CSIC institutes coordinating the project.

The conference was attended by experts in the field who presented their experiences and perspectives on sustainability in construction and the use of sustainable urban materials in different cities. An exhibition of materials was also available, where the companies collaborating with the MATEMAD project exhibited their products to the attendees.

Check the full programme here (just available in Spanish).

Borja Frutos (IETcc-CSIC) presenting the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project during the conference © IETcc-CSIC

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